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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

so they say

so they say

he had no true and devoted friends
just acquaintances
who painted faces
upon themselves
that they may pass by

no one wanted people to see them
as they truly are
so they hid
in shadowed corners
and behind pretty masks
fearing to be asked
to come to the real party

we all have endured
that is for sure
so much we did not agree with
haven’t we

we all have cursed ourselves
at one time or another
for going along
with the plan
the song
as interpreted
by others
smothering our own
creative intuitions

gathering names
to complete the picture
create the vision
that says we belong
to something

i’ll be your friend
what does that mean ?
i query myself  far too much
i thought
but . . .
better me than them
i reasoned
with the devil
and he smiled
and complimented me
he said i reminded me of his son
no one never told us
that the devil had children
but now that i think about it
i know of plenty of folks
who have given me
hell in my life

perhaps it was all in innocence
and they were just inviting me
to their home
for a visit
or sleep over

something about eternity
moves me
and another plateau
of deductive logics
invade my considerations
and all i can do is smile
in lieu of another
empty prayer
that i hear
but do not believe in
my self

do you believe in your self ?
which one may i ask
the one behind the mask
or . . .  .

well any way
as we meandered down
the multi colored brick road
we surmised it must have been
the remnants of that Lysergic Acid
that tainted our Chromosomes
cause this . . . life
is one “Hell” of a trip
i meant it is “Heavenly”
forgive me Lorde
and thank you for the blessings
and the bile that goes along with it

i know you have a purpose
“for the Bible told me so”
or was it that guy with the choking white collar
who hollers at us
every Sunday or so
until he is red in the face

i do like the way the veins
pop out his head
do you think God will prevent him
from exploding
just a thought

so this soul based banter i am having
anything viable ?
i do this for me
my best friend
who hides behind the mask
and hides in shadows
for that damn light
is scary
how can it be so special
when so many people have one
so they say

© 21 August 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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