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Friday, August 10, 2012

i Offered Thanks

i Offered Thanks

i awakened this morning, and i offered a prayer of gratitude to the Progenitor of my life . . .  my God.

There are many things to be thankful for, to be found in the Good and that which is perceived as Evil, the Light and the Dark.

I offered thanks for all the Woe in my life, for through it i learned that i had the gift of Endurance and Temperance.

I offered thanks for all those who have left my life through Death, Moving Away, Growing Up and the ending of Relationships, for it has taught me to appreciate those who are in my life NOW, as well as how to truly cherish the memories of the blessings of their presence i once enjoyed.

I offered thanks for all the Dark Days ... yes the dark days brought to me an understanding of how i could truly employ, not only the light of those not so dark ones, but how to utilize to the best of my abilities, that small light of my own that resides within me.

I offered thanks for all the Anger i suffered through . . .  that of my own and that of others. Through my anger i have come to know the true meaning of humility in being chastised and scolded, and in having to be the one who must later apologize for their errancies of character and expression.

I offered thanks for all the times when i was down on my luck. It was and is those times i realize that luck and being down, was my own choosing, and that i had the power to alter my perspectives of how i viewed my life. Should i go forth with disdain for the hand that life has dealt me or should i cling to such powerful forces of hope and faith? These powers do have a transformative ability to change my energy to something grand.

I offered thanks for all the Tears i have cried . . . for whatever reasons. Tears truly have a deep cleansing ability to alleviate my soul of the angst i have collected through life circumstance.

I offered thanks for all the “NOs” i have heard, given me by life when i so wanted to hear a “Yes”. Yes, in reflection, many times those yes’s i wished for would have been detrimental to my higher good. I did not always understand this, nor did i care at that moment, for i was blinded by those desirous moments and my finite and limited perspectives on the whole of what may be or become. I have grown tremendously because of all those ”NOs” . . . and again i must say . . . I am Thankful.

As you read this, you may say to your self, to be thankful is a good thing . . .or not, but to be thankful, i have found to be personally empowering on so many “Life Levels”. It has added unto my abilities to make it through many other circumstances i could not have navigated early on in my life. It was all the setbacks that garnered my fortitude to press on. It is all the disappointments that taught me Tolerance, Acceptance and Patience. It has also taught me something wonderful about my own abilities. This does not mean that i did not want things . . . i did, and i do. This does not mean i gave up on life . . . NO . . i live to the fullest i can . . .when i have the mind-set to do so. Simply put, through the Storms life has so mercifully sent my way, i have realized my ability to endure. I have come to know the meaning of peace found in the “Eye of the Storm”. I have discovered that i am so much more than i believed and so much more than what i have been Taught and Told . . . as are you!

The biggest and most profound aspect of my existence i have come to reckon with is that there is a Power we have . . . yes “WE”, that is connected to some force we have yet to fully comprehend. Most of us about this wonderful plane of existence identify this as God. Whether you are a believer or not, matters not much, for even science cannot deny this immeasurable force that connects us all to a “One” reality, whether we identify it as Evolution or Creation. They are but words, as are these! But, what is real in this seemingly temporal existence of ours is what we feel. I pray that you take the time to ”feel” the goodness of who you are and teach and show others through your example as well to embrace, not just their possibilities of what they may become, but the grand aspects of what we already ARE . . .  Right Now . . . Right Here !

Finally, I offered thanks for all the Love i have had in my life and that which still resides, which is “ALL LOVE”. The love that appears to have went away, left the Gift of Experience and thus Lesson behind . . . and funny thing, it is still mine, the Lesson and the Love. The Love i have today . . . it is filled with possibilities of what it may become. Who can contain such energy with a closed hand or closed heart . . . . None !!!! Love seems to be that Universal Language that is now awakening and calling to all Souls to “Allow” the opening of our Hearts Door . . . Do you hear the knocking ?

I have offered thanks this day for you.  I Awakened this Morning . . .

Thank You


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