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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

poetry is my prayer

poetry is my prayer

my poetry is my prayer

for understanding

that i may comprehend

the beauty and the pain

the crazy and the sane

i write for clarity

to end my disparity

with my world about me

and about you too

i write to examine

that which troubles me

or to share my joys

there are sometimes insights

and lights to brighten our nights

and some times there are stars

revealing life scars

that assists me

in seeing far

down my road

and that which i left behind

poetry helps me clear my mind

my spirit

my emotions

there are songs playing

can you hear it

can you feel the motion

of love as she beckons you

beckons me

to reconcile

our differences


you have to love her

she teaches

she preaches

she breeches topics

we would rather not indulge in

and some we are all too eager

to divulge in

she beseeches us

to look closely

at our Sins and our Blessings

through poetry our souls get to confessing

that which was once a burden

that then becomes

our wing fitted verse

we disperse our essence

like presents

in syllables and words

to be read

to be heard

they are laced with

adverbs and adjectives

nouns, verbs and prepositions

and such

some times enough

some times too much

we give to you our souls expletives

and thoughts we have deleted

if you can read between the lines

and find our deeper meanings

some of our stanzas are lyrical

some rhyme

in some sort of way

whether obvious

or ambiguous

there is a greater gift

to be held

by he who has an ear

or an eye

sometimes poetry calls for us

to shed a tear


face our fears


put on our armor


see our self


be courageous


but never should we lie

especially to our own soul

for it will not hold


we need to

send those poetic expressions up

my friend

just like you do your prayers

for that is what poetry is

another prayer




to the universe

as we divest ourselves

of that which troubles our waters

to exact a certain beauty

only found in the duty



drawn quarters

of what poetry

can do

poetry is my prayer

© 15 august 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

poetry is my prayer

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