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Saturday, August 4, 2012



another expression of death
awaits my arrival
the way may
be pre-ordained
or not
what do i know

i have crossed this threshold
so many times before
carrying forth
an experiential encyclopedia
i could not readily recall
yet . . .

time has no mercy
to those who embrace it
nor is it a respecter
of personal empirical agendas
it is but a means
of mapping out
the illusions
of our finiteness

and space
is of our own creation
the more we look for it
the more it becomes
“cogito ergo sum”

today i am deliberate
for a new vision is required
and i will sire it
from my own womb
of wonder
as i entomb
that which must be let go

the carnivorous carnival
the show
where we act out our indifferences
by the eating of souls
has me sickened
of my own reflective self
that which i see remnants
and resonant memory
in us all
to some degree

the fees has been exacted
and hopefully
our consciousness
has been impacted
with a memorable lesson

there are many stages
of confession
i have yet to face
at the alter of that pristine
unspoiled truth
that has not moved
for billions of years

the tears we have shed
have no affect
and does not effect
an altering
save that of perspectives

we are beings of an elective
who cloak ourselves
in protective delusions
we put off confronting
while affronting the shadows
with vicarious doctrine
which become our rote
a rope with which we strangle
our dreams

it seems to me
that a certain death
is called for
we can walk through that door
and awaken
in a place beyond

© 4 August 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

“i lay down my life that i may pick it up again, for i have the power to do so” ~ JC

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