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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peace be still

Peace be still

there is a longing
in my soul
for a certain Peace,
one that i can not remember
but one that i intimately know
i once knew

where has she fled
why does she hide from me
where does her
and her family
of the Holies of me

we the people
of creation
do dream of thee,
each of us
in our own way,
thus adding to the myriad
of your complexity
your regality of expression
and our collective hearts

we have been searching for you
since that “fabled” 8th Day
which even the Prophets and Story Tellers
allude not to
nor dare not speak of

we have yearned for you
burned villages for you
as well as our brethren
at the stake

the sacrifice for your presence
is high

we attempted to negotiate
for your grace
with our deceits
our decorum
and our misgivings
found in our diplomacy
and politics . . .
to no avail

we have sat an listened
to the “Anointed” ones amongst us
as they preached
about you
and our hearts ached
for but a touch of you
please . . .
touch the hem of “my” garment
that i may know
of your
Remembrance of me

we held still with our faith
and we were resolute
in holding you
in the vestiges
of our replete mind

we created convictions
for you
and even persecuted
our reflective selves
in honor of a variable truth
we were persuaded was the embodiment
of your persona
in our lives

we and i write and speak
many words
in our Poetry,
our Prose
our Prayers
and our Letters
and our soft whisperings
in your obeisant honor
yet you show not your face
save in our own
“Self Convincing” “Self”
that you are real

embrace me

Peace where art thou

do you only visit upon
our restless nights
with dreams of fleeting grandeur
we too soon forget

how many times how many
must die
that your etheric effigy
may actualize
into some verifiable lasting reality
where all who hunger
and thirst for you
may be satisfied

i have come before the altar
of men i did not know

i have erected a few of mine own
to pay an homage and obeisance
i trusted you were worthy of . .
to Love

Peace, our hearts are needy
our minds are supple
and ready to be cultivated

Oh Peace, mold my aspirations
and my vision
cast me in the Ovens
and fire me until i become hardened
in your divine image

let thy hand caress my consciousness
and cajole me to walk the path of resolve
that we may come to understand
we all live by One collective Breath

Peace, come unto us
and Peace be unto You

Peace Be Still

© 29 August 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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