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Monday, August 13, 2012

Be - Cause !

The Sage and the Disciple

There was a Wise old Sage. He had a disciple. Their relationship was quite “symbiotic”. The Disciple was an eager learner as the sage
was a very Continual Flowering Teacher. He was always flowing out with
Knowledge and Wisdom. Oft’ times the Disciple would experience much confusion
or lack of understanding of a thing or principle and he would always ask the
question “Why”. Invariably the Wise old Sage would always answer with
“Because”. And as we children have done in play many a time ourselves with our
childhood friends, we have become joyfully immersed in hat age old “tit for
tat” exchange of “Why” and “Because”. Being a “symbiotic” exchange such as it
is, it is reflective of the Cosmic Principles of “Cause and Effect”. If i ask
“why” you can always answer the question with a “because”, and my natural
retort would be “Why” for my questions seemingly was yet answered nor
fulfilled. The cycle of Query – Response can be endless. However it may appear, as most appearances go
there is a finiteness to this incessant loop . . . and the finite answer will
ultimately lead you to and infinite and unbinding place of “Self” and it’s
endless and Infinite Qualities and Possibilities”.
The actual answer to our “Whys” really is what it is . . . “ B E C A U S E
”! The unfortunately aspect of understanding of what “Truly Is” becomes
inherently deficient because of our Empirical and Temporal Based Perceptions.

One day, the Disciple formulated the question we all ask at some point in our lives. When we pursue the
understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the World and all Creation,
we all eventually will ask that famous age old question . . . “Why Am I Here?
Well the Wise old Sage again in all due Seriousness, Reverence and Truth simply
said BECAUSE ! What the Disciple did not understand what
simply this !
What the Sage gave to him was not One Word, but a Phrase . . . BE – Cause.
Simply put the answer to all of our plight, when we ask that question “Why” is to Be the Cause . When we
embrace this Actualization of Self, we
are thrust directly into the
without having to go through every little Stream of Consciousness, every
Babbling Brook of Thought, Every
and Tribulations
In the acknowledgment of this simple Truism lies
the Root of what every Human Being comes to acknowledge. We have the Power of Change if we Become the Cause of it! We usually find
ourselves in a life that is subject to the
of Circumstances and Individuals who are CAUSE!
This is when we feel Powerless . . . simply Because we have allowed it and give it permission to continue as so,
and thus here we are again asking “WHY”
! . . . Why ME ?

In conclusion, i implore and humbly submit to each of us to explore our “Greater
”, the Magical Creative Souls we are! Become the Cause of our Lives!
In thus doing so we will still continue to “Play” the “Game of Life” . . . “Why and Because”. But i promise you it will be
too “Short Lived” to enjoy for you
will be busy “Being the Cause” of Joy,
Happiness, Abundance, Love or Misery,
Despair, Anger, Hate, Anguish, Depression etc
. and whatever you choose for
your “Self . . . or for Others who are subject to “EFFECT”! . . . the Victims
. . .

Life is truly the Choices we make and the Cause we Champion. Make it happen and “BE” !
Do not be like the Student sitting in front of the Sage still attempting to figure this one out.
Go out and . . .
Be - Cause !

(c) 14 April 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

~ inner child ~

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