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Monday, August 15, 2011

what ever happened to Ralph Kramden damn them

what ever happened to Ralph Kramden damn them

there are so many troubled souls
people with holes
who want to give them
to you, to me
and graciously
we accept
the deceptive drain
of our energy

people leaking
their better “self”
upon the ground
yet searching for something
wanting to be discovered
wanting to be found
for they are lost
lost in all this light
yet fighting
to realize
to open their eyes
that they may see
another reality
do you see ?

on the trail
while wailing
about things past
that have lasted
too damned long
way after the song has ended
or did it not begin ?

and this concept
of Sin
archaic at best
tests us vigorously
in this quest
for authenticity
reality and certainty

and certainly
we must admit
that we know shit
we don’t know a damned thing
so i sing
that i may forget

and please
be at ease
let me at least
pretend the beast
allows me to play
just a little each day
for the way
thus far
is far
perhaps can be found
following that star

but what do you do
on cloudy nights
when the lights
have gone out

yes . . . doubt
that is what i do
how about you
if we only knew
what we came to do
we could go about
doing the do
and eventually
we would be through
with the nonsense
and the feeble attempts
to make sense
of why people treat people
this way

a new day is coming
is what they say
well dammit
i hope it is a new way
as well
cause i do not want to have to tell
God Off again
my friend

that is like playing
“Spiritual Roulette”
and i bet
being God
He ? She / I / It
every damn little thing
all that shit

as i said
we don’t know a damned thing
which is why  i sing
that i may forget
some of the adjectives
and shit
i have let
come out of my mouth

and there was a guy named Ralph
from the South
of Brooklyn
Kramden i think
what ever happened to him

what ever happened to Ralph Kramden
damn them
another one bit the dust
was he driving that bus ?

© 14 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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