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Sunday, August 7, 2011

can someone fix Jesus for me

can someone fix Jesus for me

since i can remember
i have been told he died for my sins
i would never wish that on anyone
it saddens me
that anyone has to die
especially for me
can someone fix Jesus for me

i have felt guilty about this for a while
can you fix Jesus
take the holes out his hands

i got holes in my hands too
i must
cause everything good in my life
slips right through my fingers
right out of my hands
am i a Jesus too
and someone fix my hands
when they fix Jesus

i don’t know how Jesus
could call his friends, friends
when he needed them
they got ghost
and Peter . . . WOW
but, maybe
“that’s what friends are for”
to make you independent

and the longer you have them
the greater the test
of who is the best
for you
and Jesus  found out
without a doubt
there was no one
for the “Son”
the Sun of God
from the Land of Nod
to Shahrazad
to here
where Tommy Hilfiger,
Donna and
Gucci and Versace
Izod are the Gods
that rule this empire

can someone fix Jesus for me

they gather
sing Hymns
of praise
to raise
and the spirits
but do they really hear it
or just fake it
and make it seem real
for Sundays
and Prayer Meetings
and special seatings
in the pews

nothing new
in the news of man
and the plan
still works
doesn’t it

follow me
said the Pharisee
for i follow Moses
and he is the closest
we will ever come
to understand the sum
of who God is

while all the
Little Jack Horners
are sitting in the Corners
in the shadows of conscious awareness
afraid of the light
holding tightly to the cloak
of their nights
eating un-ripened Plumbs
pretending they are sweet

can someone fix Jesus for me

if i am to understand this thing
you sing about
shout about
create doubt and fear about
we need a new teaching
and some new style preaching
that liberates me
equivocates me
delineates me
from that old paradigm
you spoke to me
trying to get me
to follow
belong to
even though
i can see what you have done
what you are doing
and what you hope to do

yeah i said it
you don’t want to fix Jesus
cause the real Jesus
who lives within me
won’t please us
and our plan you say

but today
i am here to say this to you
the real Jesus
the real Buddha
the Real Krishna
and each and every one of us
yes, all of us
are entrusted with that gift
and in the coming shift
of our truths
to truth
and certainty
you will certainly become aware
and  assuredly see
that God who lived in Jesus
lives in me
and just like you
Source is me
for of course
we are Source manifest
and the best is yet to come

but in the meantime
fix your mind
and align your self
to the sublime
within you

so i am tasking you
and i am asking you

can someone fix Jesus for me
He’s Broken

7 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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