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Monday, August 8, 2011

and let the Taboos loose

and let the Taboos loose

taboos have disappeared
as has all the fears
and self condemnation
lent to our souls
by those who dare note
touch them selves
or allow their essence
to be touched
or moved

though they do dream
of what we do
in love
with love
their recourse
is to pray for forgiveness
for their own expressive beauty
gifted by the creator
of all

and they perceive
that they are falling
and they attempt to deny
the calling
of their senses
that know of the taste
of the dripping sweetness
found in all fruits

the seeds of men’s souls
yearn to complete their cycle

Gardeners we are
our duty is but
to plant seed
procreate the beauty of being
populate our Celestial awareness
with expansion

but first we must let go
then touch again
and again
and again
and again

become a part of the movement
of life
unto life
for life
is our holy appointment
and no anointing from man
shall circumvent
this primal dictum

i beseech you all
to lick them dreams
embrace them
hide them not in the closets
of your convolutions
of destitution
where bondage to darkness
is the order of the eternal day

the way to salvation
is light
what is spoken in darkness
will soon come
as it echoes in the void
and reverberates
upon the walls
of reason
that is not of obeisance
nor the appeasing manner
with which we are told to live

we must give of self
yield to the field
of exponentiality
while listening to the music
that has within
the harmonics
for attunement
that that which we always were

look upon the sacred scroll
inscribed and encoded
upon the Tablets
and watch the absence of definitions
from those who fear
draw your quarters
and lines in the sand
and stand over
what once was thought to be civility
and gather your ability
to see again
and let the Taboos loose

© 4 August 2011 : William s. Peters, Sr.

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