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Monday, August 15, 2011

our treasures

our treasures

days puddling
in the pools of collective memories
some with remnants
of meaning
worth remembering
most not

when i speak of the collective
of these times
the significance escapes me
like dark
slipping through the fingers
of my light graced hand

is life but a tour
are we but the sightseers
looking out some window
as the landscapes of time
slip languidly by
with naught but footnotes
an asterisk in the realm of awareness
and what is the final destination

as i circumventingly examine my thoughts
in this writing
i find my reason
fighting battles
waging war
against it’s own mirrored image
as it looks
upon it’s own vanities
and discovers yet another layer
of surrealism
struggling to stand erect
and be quantified
with certain validities
that will hold up
to the light of some sustaining truth
in this mock court
that seeks it’s own self righteousness
and sanity
vanity i say

and i am sure
the many paths traveled
by the way of men
again and again
have met this wall
where our substantive suspicions
do not overcome
get around
or go over
we just have to stop
and accept
the haunting reconciliations
of that which is fed
to us by those
who have come before us
and their created justifications

if Dorothy or Alice were still here
i fear that i too would close my eyes
and just wish
or maybe light me a spliff
that i may escape
the constant chatter
offering their own nonsensical solutions
to the problems i can not even voice
so why the choice

shall i piss in the dark

and we souls
who lacking in certain consciousness
are not completely unarmed
for in the fertile valleys
in the deepest recesses of self
there were dreams seeded
and we faithfully
hold to the promise of harvest
and that helps us get through it all

and in the meantime
through our tears of anguish and despair
our tears of short lived fleeting joys
do collect in that pool
of our existential reason
and we call them memories

we must create them
embrace them
remember them
for they alone
are to be cherished
we must learn
for they alone
are that of our own

our treasures

15 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr


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