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Monday, August 29, 2011

but we exorcised them didn’t we

but we exorcised them
didn’t we

the ghosts of wisdom
have been exorcised
from their homes

and now the houses
of our consciousness
are vacant
with for sales
and rental signs
adorning the neighborhood

our thoughts and beliefs
now are on the market
and the rental agents
and realtors
are bustling about
making deals
for whomever
can afford
to occupy the space

to the highest bidder
goes my allegiance
and my obeisance
and obedience
is still suspect
i detect

for we are all looking
for answers
to questions
that can only be formulated
in soul

and the instructions told us
by those who came
before us
have failed us

was it trust
we were supposed to engage
before our faith
so saith the Lorde

and the horde of beings
are fleeing
seeking solution
to the eternal longing

and we listen
to the sirens songs
ushered forth
on the faint winds of illusion
and the demons await us
to infect us
with the eternal germ
where we will willingly submit
for one breath of fair air

we bargain away things
that belong not to us
as the universe
stand in silent witness
to those of us
who have not yet honed
our hearing
for we have spent
too much time fearing
the ghosts of wisdom
who once occupied
our houses of consciousness

but we exorcised them
didn’t we

© 28 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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