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Saturday, August 27, 2011

and i bleed

and i bleed

my love
the acute pains of denial
wields a dulled knife
which is carving your name
upon the walls of my heart
for it belongs to you

my tears are red
with the blood of my longings
for again
in this life time
we miss the mark
and the Gods tell me of hope
and i spit
upon such notions

time is not honest
for it whispered aeons ago
that this time would come
when we again would commune
but it never spoke
of the prevailing space
and the absence
of being face to face
that i may feel
the lyrical dance of your eyes
as they caress
my presence

i want to feel your breath again
upon my neck
as you breath life
into my imaginings
that they may take shape
in the form
of our eternal embrace
let me again
taste the passions
your bear
only for me
and our union
of love

i sit and exact this query
that i shall bury yet again
in my soul
my expectations
along with those whisperings of old
when i cried for you
died for you
never denied you

and here we go again
the hauntings of life cycles
attempting to cajole us
with promise
of the morrow

but naught
can erase this sorrow
this day
nor that
which i still remember
of when
the denizens
of our desires
were actualized
in the eyes
of all  who were blessed
to witness such things we shared
yet again
this path
seems too damned familiar

so i sit and i ponder
half heartedly
the possibilities

and though the Sun
still lives in my heart
i shall veil it’s light
for now
i wish but to be alone
in this night
and howl to the moon
the song of my anguish
as i impugn
it’s verity

for the language of this love
this longing
this rending
of my soul
can not be forgiven
nor defended
for the Gods
have cleaved the dream
of our oneness
once more

they have closed the door
with my fingers in the hasp
and while i hold on
for that last breath
waiting for you
and i
i shall deny
this advent of fate
and my longings
shall never dissipate
for it is you
who inhabits
all vestiges of who i am
and who my heart belongs to
was made for
and your name alone
is carved upon it’s walls
my inner sanctum

and i bleed

© 26 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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