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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Journey . . .

This Journey

the journey has been long
and arduous
with sunshine,
and smiles along the way

and this day
here i stand
in my own sacred halls
of memories

the floors are littered
with gratitude
and neglect
and the walls
are mirrored reflections
of the people
the places
and the feelings

i reach out to touch the surface
of this wall
in this hall
and i at once
am in touch
with years past
i have seemingly
thought i have forgotten

the sunshine seemed so different then
was it brighter ?
hotter ?
yellower ?

Yellower . . .
my word
i add to the collection
of my eclectic memories
my own living color

the smiles seemed bigger
and brighter as well
no not Yellower
but brighter
and wider
just the same

in my now-ness
i am still asserting blame
naming the things
and the people
which have affronted my Shine

Now i know
it was mine to give
and i gave it
so i thought
but here it is
within these halls
hanging on the walls
waiting this visit
of self
to self

what have i learned
i ask
as i bask
in the enveloping warmth of self
and my quasi indelible
and sketchings
upon these cherished
Holy circumspections
which embody
the all-ness of my meaning

not much i think
but this

blaming and naming
never did alleviate me
from responsibility
even when i tried to blind my self to it
they were collected anyway
warehoused here
for this day
and thus they are here
hanging on these wall
and thus they are a part of me
with a valid certainty
they do not define my sum

the dreams i had are here too
but not the ones of the morrow
for they are dreams

there are pools of tears
on the floor
muddied puddles

some are discolored
with anguish and sorrow
some are joyful
in their movement
into my conscious awareness

and yet
they both shine
and reflect my greater aspirations
of what i had hope to become
and there is an overflowing
a knowing
from that chalice
that held
and holds still
my visions

and all the deeds
that i have sown
upon all the landscapes
the forests
the wilderness’
the arroyos’
and the deserts
and all that i have seeded
in my life’s garden
did manifest into my fruit
my harvest

some i ate
along the way
some i gave away
some i never saw
sitting on the table
in front of me

many have spoiled
most are faintly recognizable
and incredibly
some have dehydrated
and yet are still edible
i guess this is their time

shall i taste now
that which long ago
i so longed for ?

yes, this journey
this sacred journey
have had many twists
and turns
and it has been long
and arduous
but it did have it’s rewards

and as i stand
in these Scared Halls of Self
looking upon the many reflections
of introspections
and the paths i have chosen
i realize
with eyes wide open
i am right where i am supposed to be
This Journey

© 9 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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