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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tommy was a Good Kid

Tommy was a Good Kid

Tommy wasn’t a bad kid
just a bit disconnected
like most kids are these days

there really was no one to talk to
no one who could relate
to what he was feeling inside
and no one who could explain it to him

you see
Mom was doing the best she could
she was fighting her own demons
never enough money
no man

Dad gave his life to . . .
his country ?
over in Afghanistan
killing people
for no apparent reason
getting killed
for no apparent reason

there were plenty of guys
coming around
but mom,
she wasn’t having that

the other kids on the block
in the hood
neighborhood that is
were handling their biz
but Tommy
he wasn’t about those things
they were doing

and though Tommy was not much for Church
it seemed like it was the only place
he could go every once in a while
a be alone
there were a lot of lonely people there
maybe that is why they went there in the first place
because they could not face the world outside
so they went there to hide
and blamed it on Jesus

Tommy, he saw the game
and every time that Preacher shouted
in the Name of Jesus
they would either pass the plate
begging for money
calling it offerings and tithes

they had it all figured out
shout a little
a few Amens
and that is the formula
on how they put it down
again and again

Yeah, Church was entertaining
but it was not sustaining anything
for Tommy
it was just another game
with a few misplaced names

out on the block
Tommy’s peers
were on the clock
slangin’ that thang
that Ying and that Yang
that made people forget
what life was really about
you know
the struggle
of day by day
putting up
with all this false bullshit
what the hell was life about anyway
Tommy wondered

Tommy tried it a while
but Tommy wanted so much more
his style was not their style
Tommy could not relate

School .. 
Tommy was a smart kid too
but what the fuck would Algerbra
and Mrs. Garenda’s Science class
do for you
or me Tommy thought

was life all about money
and things ?
Tommy had questions
but who had answers

sure many people thought they did
but when Tommy
surveyed and examined their lives
they didn’t have nothing
discernable going on
nothing Tommy would want
or that was sustainably meaningful to him

so what the fuck do you want Tommy
he would often ask himself
but again
the answers never came
and Tommy remained
like so many other Tommys out there
and Marys too

Now what are we going to do
now that Tommy is dead

Headlines :
14 Year Old Youth  Takes Gun to School
Kills 13 and takes own Life

Tommy was a Good Kid

© 5 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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