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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the fallacy

the fallacy

beyond the understandings
of mortal men
there is the absence
of footprints in the garden
and our consciousness has yet to be spoiled
nor contained
by the boundaries
of morality

this does not go to say
there is not balance
for Karma still yet prevails
but she wears an unblemished aura
and stands naked
before the eyes of the divine
for there is not a word
for sin

again and again
we have approached it’s gate
only to cower in fear
of the perceivable unknown
yet we faintly remember such things
and we call it unconditional love
a travesty to truth

before  the advent of the keeping
of time
when weeping was not yet invented
there was but a bliss
that prevailed
in our hearts

and the song that continually played
that which the butterflies still hear
that which caused us to skip in wonder
absent of conviction
for no one judged
for there was not a need

the Adam knew not of temptation
for what we call innocence
was but the way
and a serpent was but a serpent
until the children
had need to blame

so thus the story was created
aptly to cover faults we ourselves embody
for we believe not in our own eternities

and bound here
we cling to the myth
while soulfully knowing
we have all the truths
for that is our breath
and our understandings

of mortal me
the fallacy

© 20 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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