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Thursday, August 18, 2011

disconnected again

disconnected again

all the information one could ever want
about you, but you still don’t understand

people selling peanuts
at the Circus
and Clowns
all around

buying the Cotton Candy
letting the kids
get all sticky
and the lesson’s remnants
got a Wet Nap ?

Daddy wants a Beer
or two
or a few

yes, let us drink our convictions
into submission
or at least try

and the clowns
all around
are crying
with laughter
painted upon their faces

the Ringmaster dressed
to distinguish him self
from the rest
of the performers

and the daring ones
swinging in the air
letting go
letting go
the rings of their salvation
challenging the odds
while we gasp in awe
at their bravery and courage

and the age of entertainment
and narcoleptic souls
for sure endures
the inquisitive minds
of the young,
for some day soon
they must sleep as well

do tell
were you ever told
about the Lion tamers
and Circus gamers
and Jugglers
and Acrobats
who mimic life
within life

funny i think
the 3 Rings of Barnum
and his magic
do make us compelled
to forget
that beyond the tent
life awaits us
with her harsh reasoning

and the Circus season
will soon end
then what
disconnected again

popcorn anyone ?

© 17 August 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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