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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

blessed be the child

blessed be the child

he put the Crown of Thorns
upon his head
hoping to bleed his mind
of all the errant thoughts
of the world

he searched for Crosses
for he had a pocket full of nails
and without fail
there was always someone available
to serve the purpose
of the hammering
not to mention those with piercing spears
whose fears had them
trying to kill that inner voice
only to have the water of spirit
pour out upon the Earth

his works were mighty
miraculous even
but they were not enough

the Virgins came running unto him
offering their secret treasures
for the sweet pleasures
only they dreamed about

who has the Oil for the Lamp
that all in the Room may see
and the Virgins may be fulfilled ?

he multiplied and fed the possibilities
and the feast was before them

who shall eat ?

the wine was abundant
but the people only understood
the temporal relief from their anguish
for a moment of brevity
for certainly
they were already inebriated by the world

but a few understood,
but none stood and professed
until they felt threatened
by their own surreal delusions
for their earnestly
was at best but a dance
for they heard not that music
that was always playing

so they went home
and threw them selves
a party of pity
celebrating their fitting dreams
that gets them by
but another day

they cast stones to the center of circles
hoping to demolish the demons
of their own false embraced convictions
and be deified
as they vilify their brethren
but they were not loosed . . .
just confused

for years to come
they followed the scent of salvation
with their hopes alone
but not their deeds
for their seeds and dreams
were not rooted in any particular reality
and the soils were shallow
and had no way to nurture the promise

the children  became the weapons of destruction
and no mass could save them
nor could any priest
matter not how much confessed

their words became inflammatory
and incendiary towards one another
for the only important aspect of life
was “ME”
but they had already died
but knew it not

many have vied for a life
that was always theirs
but they knew it not

many prayed to a God without
but He resided within
but they knew it not

many loved a certain few
never realizing
that the Agape for all
was required here
but they knew it not

they hated themselves
and continued through each moment
to persecute their inner Saviour
by not believing in the message
but they knew it not

for to persecute the object
the messenger
was not threatening

it was better
to embrace their Barabas
and celebrate with more wine
and song
like some victory
had been achieved

let us vilify our Judas
let him become our objective Demon
for serving the part
of delivering the ultimate blow

kill the messenger you say
but he has already hung himself
in that tree
on that hill
that we may never forget
how we Slaughtered the Lambs

let us eat our Young
and smile with an inordinate glee
and we shall perish together
holding to our illusory love
as we create our own God
who shall judge us favorably
as we so wish

the Blind lead the Blind
and none may find
the way
for the way is found
in trust
of our Divine
not our Mind

and perspectives of our objectives
and how all should go
the way that
that small i in me should choose
still confused . . . .huh ?

a consideration is
when we let go of the outcome
and enjoy the journey
and gather the lessons
and pay them forward
we then come into a being of service
and what we then gather is our joy

we can then deploy our goodness
and profess that
“we deserve this”
for then we serve the purpose
of giving life unto life

blessed be the child

(31 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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