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Monday, January 21, 2013

do you mean it

do you mean it

words . . .
they are so easy to express
but ask your self
before you speak
do you mean it

i love you
i hate you

do you truly mean it
have you seen it
in the spirit
as you express it
and how it
affects you
and others about you

do you mean it

i am not aware of
that the same heart that loves
can hate
oopppss to late
i said it already

i expressed something
that was not meant to be

you see
we must examine our words
and ask your self
again and again
do you mean it
before you open your mouth
and express it

do you mean it

words expressed is an action
that makes an impaction
to a fraction of the whole
and therefore the whole
has a hole
to accept
what has been spoken
as a token
of who you are

do you mean it

a wound given to others
can not be taken back
with mere apologies
and a psychology
of being sorry

sorry, i am still hurt
one may say
because of what you said
still resides in my memory
my head

did you mean it
do you still

what ill will or errant wind
did that thought begin in
that you would
say such a thing

did you mean it

be mindful of what proceeds
from thy mouth
for it is not what goes in
that defiles you
it is what you expectorate
and once that is done
it is too late
to take it back
the callous attack
of your words

so in the end
you can not defend
what you spoke to the world
your self
your God
for all energies are seen
so again ask your self

did you mean it
do you mean it

© 17 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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