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Thursday, January 3, 2013

come my child

come my child

come my child
let me adorn thy dreams with wings
that you may remember
that you can fly

touch the world with you beauty
and make that call
from thy center
that thy Brothers and Sisters may hear

the Master has returned

we pour our spirits upon the Earth
for the time for Aquarius is upon us
She is awakening within us
a New Dawn

greet thy Sun which resides in thy center
and speak of Holy things
for Thou Art Holy

speak with that “Still Small Voice” . . . now
my child
it has been calling you for aeons
and has patiently awaited your response

let us dance with unbridled joy
in the spirit of the wonder
of our absence from the realm
where we once ruled
space and time

let us know that it is not
as we are naught but . . .
The “I AM” manifest

let smiles light up our cities
as we join hands in love
one to another
without inhibition nor restraint

come my child
your future is now
let that universal light
that twinkles in thy vision
thy eye
become the life
you have always knew it was

be the magic for common men
and show them their way
as you remove thy bushel
that all in this temporal room may see

come my child
there is no cost to eat here
the bread and honey and milk
have no price

let thy Soul delight itself in fatness
that it may bear a sweet fruit
that all . . . all . . . all
will learn to embrace their divinity again

awaken my child
and come
your presence is required here

come my child

© 2 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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