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Monday, January 21, 2013

ado about nothing

ado about nothing

the children were aimlessly being aimless
for they had no place to go
nor be
for they were already there
and when

and here we are
trying to slip into our “Now”
while trying to recapture
those moments of magic
we still smell upon the memories
of our yesterdays

i too remember
the scent of Spring
and the Rains
and puddles
we joyously played in
with splashing imaginations
of the Oceans to come

oh the flowers
the Yellow Jackets
and the Honeysuckle
whose sweetness
made it all worthwhile
and still does
conjure smiles
as i sit here
collecting far too distant images
of those golden yester years

there are no tears
save for gratitude
for i still embrace those moments
for they are the treasures of life
the pleasure in rife
devoid of this illusion of strife
we far too often cling to

you and i have work to do
as we go about
clearing and cleaning
gleaning the hulls
that hides our light

remove thy bushel fair friend
and let us become the children again
of the Sovereignty
of life

dream and become
that which we once were
and now have to desire to be
where our sum is repletely sweet

the music has not stopped
but we hear other things
don’t we
for our inner ear has lost it’s tuning
to the worries
and the hurries
of the world

for being aimless
is a bad thing they say
but then again
“they” have been known to say much
ado about nothing

© 20 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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