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Saturday, January 5, 2013

oh Lorde

oh Lorde

if i should die today
i pray that your name be upon my lips
as i cross over
into my wonderland,
the realm where thou dwells
in thy fullest regality
and sovereignty

i have seen Your face
in the splendor and glory
of life manifest
in all things
a test all men face
in this finite space
where our perspectives rule
for we are of the World

yet as are You
in all Worlds,
those we live in,
dream of
and those we have left behind
so are we

i have tasted the sweetness
the completeness
the repleteness
of your presence
and without
and without a doubt
i always knew you were here
with me

i have not always
seen my way clearly
to the path which i dearly dreamt of
that path of that ultimate love
i know belongs to you
to me
and i thank thee
for such a gift
we shall simply call “BE-ing”

i am seeing now
that there is a greater within me
begging to be set free
that i may shine
and lend my light
wherever i may

Yes Lorde,
grant my hearts desire
let me speak thy Name
and profess in the wilderness
for 40 Days by 40 days
into an eternity
that which has always been everlasting

i shall eat thy bread
while fasting from that
which is served to me
by the world of men

i shall sup from the cup
that Holy Chalice
made by thy Hands

and the mere vision of such things
inebriates me
beyond my understanding
for i am euphorically yours

Lorde, whisper to my Soul
that which i seek
and that is but to be in perfect awareness
that I Am as thou Art
for i am You
a creation of your edict
your dream
your Omniessence
for there is no fault in you
and thus my ‘i’

and let my once jaundiced eye see
with an absolute clarity
that which must be
and shall be
beyond the conceptualization of time

speak to me
thy Name

Oh Lorde

© 3 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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