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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Is

What Is

standing in the mirror
of my consciousness
reflecting upon memories
attempting to come to conclusions
of who i am

a “C” minor chord
struck my ears
from the strings of the guitar
and a fleeting image passed
before my jaundiced psychic eye

and i remembered when i once
was a thief of dreams
telling the children
such daunting dastardly things
such as “NO . . .”Can’t” . . . “Don’t” . . . “Won’t”
dashing their wonder
first upon the Rocks
then into the mud
as mine had been done
so many times
in my past
by others
by me

have i too become
that monster
in the dark
hiding under beds
waiting to prey upon
their dreaming
that i may thwart their abilities
to grow more “Discovery”
so they would look like me ?

i have done the same
with Lovers
as they have done to me
poking our fingers in each other’s eyes
so we could not see
each other’s truths

oh the pain
when the show is over
and the lights come on
and we realize
we so willingly played the part
yet we linger and hold on
loitering in life’s theatres
picking up stale popcorn
off the floors of our jaded reason
hoping to reignite
the Dear magic of illusion
but it can not be
can it ?

i catch a glimpse
of a truth
a glint of light of me
as the custodian ushers us to leave

my left eye catches this light
in it’s corner
for my “right”
is not aright . . . alright
it only sees me
as i command it to do so

it is i
who manifests
what it is i see
i am the “Let it Be”

and here i am
many aeons later
still sitting in this theater
telling my self
pretty little charming stories
about almost forgotten glories
about the “i am” that i am not
but i have not completely forgot
my One truth

i just hide
from what is

© 3 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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