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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

to the Table . . .

to the Table

it is with every footstep
that i walk in faith
for the ground,
the floor
remains ever below me
that i shall not fall into the abyss

it is with every heartbeat
that my body is fed
and the essence of life is sustained

it is with every breath
that i am nourished
as that which is holy
and symbiotic
gives unto me another moment
of life  . . strung together
that i may hopefully awaken
and realize that i am connected
and a part of
something grander
than my empirically fleeting understanding

i walk in faith
i breathe in faith

it is by faith that the drum beats
calling for my attention
to that which is divine
me . . .  mine . . . mind

we do not question these things
nor do we spend our time
wondering if they shall
perform their duty

i take my hand and touch
that which was but a moment ago
but a vision
but a thought
and by my hand
and my cooperative creative consciousness
it has come to be

i am touched
and i touch
for that i know
is within my prowess
yet my step falters
in the realms of my dreams
for peace
and love
and abundance

all is of this Celestial Fabric
to which i am connected
and i ask . . . why ?

have i failed ?
if failure has no permanence
is not it still possible
to overcome
the limitations we have adopted ?

why is my faith so small ?
am i but a Mustard Seed
waiting to be nourished
by the Holy Waters ?

Buddha spoke of this
Christ reiterated
that we too can be sated
by such a small thing

it truly has potential
doesn’t it ?

let us gather our faith
and feed many
for the Mansions are empty
save for the Souls of yesteryears
the Souls of Saints
the Souls of the Mystics
the Souls of our Brothers and Sisters
and they are lonely,
for they cannot begin to dance and dine
until we bring our Faith
to the Table

© 27 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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