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Sunday, February 10, 2013

to the Light

to the Light

we strip off our clothing
and streak through this world
exposing our nakedness
hoping you sneak a glimpse
of our consciousness
which possibly moves you
to places, dimensions and realms
never before considered

we play with words and language
verbs and adjectives, nouns and perspectives
electively intonating,
resonating and exacerbating
concocting new streams
that flow perhaps in to
yet undiscovered dark caverns
that know not of
the myriad essence of light

but that is only an illusion
for we discover ancient footprints
upon the ground
upon the walls
upon the ceilings
where some presence
has left it’s mark
in our distant memories

there are evidences
that either spirit or man
has visited here before
why did they depart ?
the consciousness is definitively prevalent
but can we see ?

were they too enamored
by the world without . . .
or had they found a better abode
that was more surreally nourishing
to the lives they sought
or thought they wanted ?

are they now extinct
as are we becoming ?

and as Death draws e’en closer to our ‘Life’
what are we willing to let go
that we may transform ?

have you heard the Snow and Ice melting today
upon the Mountains of your logics
which reside in some distant land ?

will you too join us in the flow
from delusion
to the New Frontier
no baggage is needed
nor allowed
for we must be clear
as the Crystal Chalice
that we may not only hold the light
but that others may do as well
that their own path may be discovered

we each have a painting to finish here
before we van graduate with honors
from this Creative Art class

what did you create today
what thoughts are you embracing in your “NOW”
what new perspectives are you embracing
as your Truth
if any at all

hold to the rails of your Titanic
and surely you will be saved

well, i will see you on the flip side of Sunshine
should you find your way
i will leave a Theory of String for you
that we may realize our connection
in reflection
of the circum- intro - spections
we once had
before we judged the things
to have a certain verity

as we look without . . .  look within
the Universe is expanding
the more we are able
to conquer the Fable
that our world is Flat
we come to understand the Cyclic nature
of things

yes . .  we have practiced this same lesson before
by way of the Spirit of our Ancestors
and our own “Be”ing –ness
for THE DNA-tic Code speaks
in resonant tones
and the balance endures

there are hearers and . . .
those that have come to speak
but far to many lights are
further de-voiding the void
that is begging to be filled

so clean out your closet
if you will
and hold to nothing
for from nothingness
comes all things
as it has always done

so . . . we strip off our garments
and stand before the Holy
in our full regality
letting loose our illusory frailty
and streak through this world
to the Light

© 10 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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