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Sunday, February 24, 2013

a Poem spoke to me

there are but two tears
that have ever graced the cheeks
of all Humanity
Joy and Anguish
and they come from the same well
travel the same path
and end in the same place

there is a space
that is silent
between the sounds
of the incessant rain drops
and i tried to listen
and a Poem spoke to me

there was no escaping the “Voice”
within my Soul
that longed for understanding
that i, my empirical self
may make finite sense of it all
but the “All-ness” eluded me
but a Poem had mercy
and spoke to me

is there a silence absent of noise ?

i sought it
i fought like Jacob
to wrestle with the Divine
for it seemed
like it vacated my mind
as i listened
but a Poem came to me
and tickled my spirit
and i did hear it
and i still do

have you heard the sound of the Petals in Spring
as they spread their wings
and let loose a fragrance
of Joy
of Life
of expectation
as they patiently await
to be fed
your admiration
your consciousness
that they do this for you ?

have you heard the rushing waters
as they journey to the Sea
carrying along
those same Raindrops and Tears
that housed your worries
your fears
your Joys
your Pains
and the many reflections of life
they held
along the way ?

have you heard the sound of the Sun awakening
just for you this day
and trekking from the East
to greet you with possibilities
of what your day may bring ?

when was the last time
you listened
to your Heart Beat
your Breath ?

Have you heard the sound of Chi
being fed to you
in your wanderings
and wonderings
about how it is you live ?

a Poem came to me
and i heard it’s footsteps in my Soul
and when it arrived at the Gate
where my Garden is
i let it in
that it may plant good seeds
in the Soils of my dreams
and we together
the Poem and i
can bring forth
a sweet fruit

i heard a poem
in the silence

a Poem Spoke to Me

© 23 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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