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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

exiled from love . . . an eclectic conversation with my Muse

exiled from love . . . an eclectic conversation with my Muse

i have unwittingly
but knowingly
exiled my self from love

i have withheld my self
and the potential harvest
restraining with deliberation
the fruit from its ripening
with it’s fullness

sure i let some sample my fruit
as i ate my selfish fill
of their hearts offerings

oh Muse of Muse
i will not force that hand
nor thy tongue

when thou translates
i will record

nor shall i beg for your return
i will strive to keep the ears
of my heart attentive
that i may hear the approach
as your grace precedes
your arrival

in the mean time
my Soul sings in silence
with tones of a reverent light
that anoints all the possibilities
of our co-joinery
when we are wed once again

a smile adorns my face
for there is a sacred trust
of the celestial of all things

and in my knowing
we have traveled this path
before us before

and to you i am cleaved
and my fruit of love is yours
to ripen as you will
and as you spill into my void
i give to the world
to eat their fill
of my love
as i have done
since time begun
and men took note
of the space betwixt
that they may assign
some verity
in lieu of clarity
as they unwittingly
yet always knowingly
exile themselves from love

© 6 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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