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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Miracles in the Cupboard

Miracles in the Cupboard

there are Miracles in the Cupboard
“Be mindful and use them well”
was the Sign on the Door

they were a collection of Class 3 Souls
fresh off the Ship
from the Land of Catatonia

they step into the world of One Tongue
they were there to hopefully learn
how to build Towers
that they may ascend
and move through
this Class B Station
on to Class A
and graduate

many will not make it
and be cast to the end
of the line
to start all over again
for they have forgotten
all previous lessons

oh the waste of all those incarnations
but what is time
what does it mean
when you have a eternity
to work with

some could not endure the illusions
and they learned to pray
to figments of their own imaginings
never realizing
the connect was always with them
that God Particle
that Divine Sparkle

no, they needed Miracles
for they did not understand
the Miracle of Man

some could read the signs along the way
they became adept hunters
as they diligently sought their prey
. . . understanding

most just acquiesced
to what they were given
because it was the easier route
to follow the lead
and the path
that others had established
never realizing that we each
are endowed with our own path
regardless of what we have been told
so they sold their souls out
and blamed their miseries on all other things
but blaming and naming
never did reconcile a thing
and unlike the Caged bird
they had lost their abilities
to sing

sing because your happy
sing because you are free
all you have to do
is open your “Eye” and See

our delusions quickly become our realities
especially if we utilize
that prized Acme Brand of Faith
sold on every Street Corner

it is cheaper than paying the Full Cost
isn’t it ?

but most do fail to ever get to that weigh Station
at Sector A
for they spent far to mush time
looking through that Cupboard
where empty Cans
offered no lasting resolution
nor “Soul-Lutions”
for the Miracle found
in just “Be-ing”

but i must say this
if you are looking for Bliss

There are Miracles in the Cupboard.

© 24 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.
Miracles in the Cupboard

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