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Saturday, February 9, 2013

we at times . . .

we at times . . .

we at times
try to hold on
to things we know
we must let go

we at times
wish to sit back
and remember
reflect retrospectively
when we are aware
that the new growing season
is about us . . .

but we knew this
we know this
that again
it is that time
when we again
kiss our “Aspirations”
upon her lips

she sits patiently
waiting for our efforts
to mobilize
that we may realize
that the Sun has risen
and it is time for work

we at times
choose to lament
bathing ourselves
in the reflections
of missed opportunities
where our impunity
has no basis
as we turn our face away
from the way we may travel
or walk
this moment, this day, this life time

the cement is hardening
and soon we will not
be able to move
and the grooves of redundancy
are getting deeper
forming our own personal abyss
where the light becomes void

we at times
wish for love
but we are not open
to receive it
are we

one must open their hand
and allow their selves to receive
and to give
that which you desire

make room in your cup
pour out the stale stench filled sour waters
of your yesterday
there is a fountain
waiting to bubble forth
from that Rock
that can be cleaved
which is you, me, us, we

we at times
cling to our intelligence
and we are so
when we come to grips
that all we know
have ever known
has been relegated
to worldly things
a lesser expression
of who we can become

we at times
must let go
of the definitions
of how we see ourselves
and step out beyond the corral
for definitions are limitations
and the summations
are always the same
are they not ?

we get what we put in
we reap what we sow
rise up
go to the garden
and turn the soil
and toil this day
and plant new seeds
that we all may grow
and eat the sweet fruit

we at times
we at times
we at times

the time is always now

© 10 February 2013 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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