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Sunday, February 24, 2013

for Hadessa’

for Hadessa’

it was an early silence
that morning
one so beautiful
like i have never heard before
i could actually hear my self think

there was no screaming
no gunfire
no soldiers in the village
nor any other persons
whose souls expressed
any arbitrariness

i was not aware of my hunger
and the usual gnawing feeling
i always remember having

no it was not fear
i no longer worried about fear
i was too busy seeking reasons to smile

i guess that was my Soul’s gift from God
the anesthetic
that numbed me
from the conditions of my life
the life of my Family
and the people who used to live
all around me

most of them had since
gone away or died

today, this morning
there was just silence

here i am standing
in the middle of the roadway
in front of where my home use to be

i remember my little brothers
they taught me a lot of things
with their innocent eyes of wonder
of life
before they were taken away
by the loud noise and fire
that exploded behind our home

i guess my Mother
did not need here left arm anymore
for there was no one to hold

her tears had long ago stopped
there was just this emptiness
like her soul had went away
along with Daddy
that day

yes we had sunshine
and there were flowers
growing in the fields

they reminded me
of the pictures i have seen
in magazines
about how you live
you have color in your life

i was hoping to see this world
some day
perhaps next life time
for now there is silence
and i watch
the war of man continue
never knowing why
i and my people
were so hated by you
who have guns

© 18 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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