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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

taking my own Ego Trip

taking my own Ego Trip

most people have the “X” and the “Y”
or the “XY” chromosome
and i ask why
wait a minute
listen to this tone
i am ready to go up in it
am i so different
yes we all are
my DNA is an expression of the Whole Alphabet
as reflected in my Pen
in Latin
in Greek
and Aramaic
yes i say it
this is why my word moves mountains
and the fountains of my spirit pours forth
with noise
and i’z deploys this thing
don’t hate
don’t despise your self like that
because my thought is fat
and overflowing
and complete in the knowing
of what my soul is saying

i am being extricated
while i exacerbated
and some have been masturbated
and ejaculated upon the clean sheets of freedom of thought
for they bought into some soiled condom like a mirage
concocted in some dirty dark garage
trying to get them some
sookie, sookie
we are not rookies here
we have done this before
haven’t we
you were Kings and Queens once upon a time
and this is not a Fairy tale,
nor a Nursery Rhyme
but Tail seems to be all that is on your mind

you see when Nikki was “Ego Trippin’”
i was mouthing, lippin the word
like God
i spoke thought into word in to being
and if you are not seeing what it is i am trying to say
take off the glasses
and step apart from the masses
for you know what they say
the masses are . . .right
good night
lights out
close off your thoughts
and listen as i spout
this word
ya heard

long ago before man could even speak
i went to Greece in peace
i brought knowledge to Plato
when all he thought of was Fellatio
yeah that cock sucker
was a mother fucker to teach
for he was resistant to knowledge
so i invented college
just so they could believe
that i am the one that conceives
for “I AM”

yes “I Am” the one who from the void
who deployed the sound
that created this mound
in the waters
you call earth
i birthed existence in to existence
and with no undue consistence
you should be praising
as we poets are raising the bar
as to how things are seen
you know what i mean
we must let our thoughts loose
and choose to think freely
open the prison door
for that is what doors are for
to keep the little people out of the big world
let us Poets herald forth a new day
and sway with the winds of change
of progress
of a new beginning
away from the tired ass old dogma
that i am sinning when i speak of such things

you may ask just where the fuck am i coming from
well my brothers and my sisters
my sum is greater than my parts
and in my heart i know this
which is why i blow this
i breath from my chest
in my attempts to become better than my best
how about you
what is it you do
do you embrace your greater self
do you truly realize the wealth
we have been given
how you livin’

have you cast your eyes down
because you fear the Sun
or do you just duck back inside
from the rain of the manna from your heavens
Yours truly, blessings
we need some confessin’ up in here
for it is our fear
that holds us back
while we allow the darkness to attack
our divinity
with no affinity
for who we truly be

yes dammit, you are the God of your life
you be looking for some answers
to those answers
you were given when you were created
by the hand and mind of the Master
yes you were given his breath of spirit
don’t fear it
endear it
embrace it
listen in silence
and you can hear the voice
of choice
stay a slave
or be liberated
but you must speak out
shout if you must
but do trust
in your path
for in the end
that is all you hath

the living is in the journey
and the gift
and you must make the shift
no one can do this for you
not Even Jesus
or Krishna
but i am gonna miss ya
if you refrain
from getting on that train
that love train
when you come to understand
that there is a plan
to demean you
and separate you from the light of truth
that you are powerful beyond all concepts
and decepts
and i invite you
to step out on faith
and take your own Ego Trip

cause you are BAD !
you are the Herald of  change
embrace it
let the world taste it
let’s face it
we are gifted
to speak
to write
to give sight
so get your mind aligned
with truth
and me . . .
i am

taking my own Ego Trip

(c) 10 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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