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Friday, February 18, 2011

simply “BE” . . . in Love

simply “BE” . . . in Love

this day i prostrate my spirit
and in reverence i speak to Progenitor / Source
and i humbly ask
“this day what would you have me to do?’
and a voice speaks
and tenderly caresses the core of  who i am
and says
“my child, this day i would simply have you “BE”!”
in my empirical struggle to understand
i begin to formulate the question
to follow the question
but Source already knows the source of my vexation
for after all
Source is Source
and Source speaks again
“my child, as the Mountain that stands before thee,
cloaked in all Divine Regality
with Trees
with Grasses
with Dirt and Stone
with the Dew Drop Kisses
of my Love,
so art thou”

somehow i felt this connection
in my reflection
of what surrounds me
what adorns me
and i felt elated
as all the world dissipated
into the ether of my self made delusions
and the illusion of all that i thought mattered
mattered not
and for that brief moment
in the spot that i occupied in this eternity of light
i became “Truth”
as the days of my youth
came upon my now
and somehow
i got it
i must allow
the greater of who i am
to “BE”
and what i see
is our sanctity
we all wish to embrace
to taste
and that is the “BE”ing
of Love

the Mountain is secure in this
within the letting of Love
we find our Bliss
let not our mind lead us not amiss
for this is our time
be it held within the sublime rhymes of life
or brazenly Bold
this day i have been told
to simply “BE”
in Love

© 18 February 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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