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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the seed to eternity

the seed to eternity

she offered him her womb
but he did not want to go that deep
he was not willing to explore her possibilities
all he wanted to do was plunder her gardens
to eat of the fruits
and labor not

yes he wanted to give her his seed
but not fulfill her needs
he wanted no commitment
to the possibilities of the situation
and her equations of happiness
again went unfulfilled

in her dreams
she constantly tilled the soils of her hopes
only to have them despoiled
is disdain
of her pains

no one of her suitors
seemed willing
to be that suitable completion
of the possibilities of her magic
she knew she was worthy
for she had a love unrequited
that has never known the darkness of despair
yet, each time
these divisive thieves of dreams and visions
stole a bit more of the air
that she so desperately needed
for her wings to work

you see, she was an angel of love
and all these walking dead could think of
was the physical
non-committal acts
they could enact
for a nights cessations
never realizing that their needs
would never cease as well
and an empty shell of a man they would remain
and they would be compelled
to forever be the zombies
of the nights
of ill gotten plights
and their souls would suffer
as it was for her
never realizing that there was a gift divine
lying in front of them
as she offered them her womb
the seed to eternity

© 23 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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