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Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Sun also rises

the Sun also rises

the distant coming
of the not yet amber light of the morn
gives heed to the world
that it is time to stir
time to enjoin to the awakened presence
of conscious goodness
we all feel the connect
so deny
some belie
and many souls are crying
for the sleep of the night
maintained their anguish

yet here we are
brothers and sisters
knowing our capacity to love
and holding on
to our prison doors

yes we imprison our greater selves
in a somewhat deliberate attempt
to protect some invisible notion
that being separate from one another
is a good thing

but here comes the Sun
shining for us all
beckoning us to live
to rise as well
as the night of ll things
is once again quelled

we feel the symbiosis
yet there is a certain world effected psychosis
that spoke lies
that became realities
and in place of our strengths
we created frailties

our magic is in our collective goodness
and should this veil be removed
we will see for sure
that it is we who have moved
from our wonderful gardens
and the doors to our hearts
must be parted from the hinges
from the locks
and we must come out
come out of that box
that contains us
that pains us
for it is love of each other
that will sustain us
and we must trust
once again
that night does not endure
of this i am certain
i am sure
that the Sun also rises

© 25 February 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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