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Thursday, February 24, 2011

my Mountain . . .

my Mountain . . .

before me stood the Snow capped Peaks
another Mountain in my life
there was an eerie connection i felt
a spirit touching something deep within
calling me

this was not a place
Brothers usually concerned themselves with
for it was cold
in so many ways
there was the wilderness of it all
the unbeaten path
of the unknown
yet these voices spoke to me

i do not know from whence they came
but these voices were akin
to the essence of who i am
who i be

perhaps it was my Brothers of the Dead
or my Brothers of the Red
making a “Peace” offering
for my soul
and as i said
i felt the cold

i thought about all the Dead
all the Blood Shed
and all the Souls of those before me
who have fed the spirit of this mountain
i was about to climb

and here i stand in an uncertain contemplative query
about the quest i am about to undertake
to traverse the slopes
of my hopes
seeking answers
to the questions i have long ago buried
and yet not forgotten
for Soul being eternal
holds all things
in it’s presence
and the bell rings again
beckoning me to become yet another initiate

and suffice to say
courage is no longer a consideration
for i have been embraced
and i now taste
the end of this quixotic journey of spirit
and i hear the voices calling
and i no longer fear the unknown
for before me upon this Mountain
lies all the fruits i hungered for
from all the wishful seeds i have sown

yes there are Clouds
that may obscure this vision
much like the rest of my quest
but i must confess
they bring smiles
as i realize all the miles
i have travelled to get here
leave no more room for Doubts nor Fear
yes, there may be tears
of Joy
for this little boy within
who remembers again
his dreams

so without further adieu
i bid you well
as i begin my climb
to this swell of hardships
of rocks and crevices
and mud and precipice
and i listen
in my here and now
to the voices in-captured
and i am enraptured again
by a Mountain
this Snow Capped Cold Bold Mountain
which stands before me

my Mountain . . .

© 23 February 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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