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Thursday, February 17, 2011

early morning voices

early morning voices

it is 2:30 in the Morning
and i am wide awake
peeking through the corners of my eyes
at the light
and it is bright
and i am listening
early morning voices

listening for what must be told
and i am grateful
when i used to be hateful
about being wide awake
at 2:30 AM

the world is not too forgiving
of those who make mistakes
it demands of you to make
your own way
well, that’s OK
what can one say
that’s the way it should be anyway
and i am listening
to early morning voices

but we must be mindful
of the seeds we sow
for in our gardens
that dictates the fruit that will grow
if any thing grows at all
for many a souls who have fallen
no longer listen to the calling
of their Souls
beckoning them to come to the light
for night, spiritual darkness
is of our own doing
and we must listen to these
early morning voices

many times we are the jailers of our hopes
did i say many times
let me change that to
all times
we poets we escape through out rhymes
and our pen
as we let the anguish of injustice
we once held within

but know my friend
life is just
it is make it or bust
and trust me
no good thing happens
for he whose intent is not aligned
regardless on the designs one may have
so say the
early morning voices

it is now 3:21 AM
and i am still sitting here listening
to what may come
each word
each line spoken
is but a token reflection
of my sum

the struggle
the trials
we must face
in our denials
of our higher self
do we get a second chance
to romance our dreams
to dance in the joys
of their realities
i ask
and i listen
to these
early morning voices

and when they speak
there is no denying
the absence of lying
as they enlighten me
that words will not change the world
unless we allow them to manifest
in to action
and that is the simple fact
though words do have power
to initiate
we are the Initiates this hour
this minute
right now
right here
of all we desire

we create the fires
that will lay waste
to the waste of our past
and we must cast our intent forward
toward the factualization
of our actualization
of our visions
and it starts with us
to trust
and be what is missing in this world
in our selves


so says the muses
who chooses to speak
early morning voices

© 17 February 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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