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Saturday, February 5, 2011

shit . . . i love you . . . .

shit . . . i love you

shit . . . i love you
wait a minute
maybe you didn’t hear me
i said
SHIT !!!!

when i began this write,
my mind attempted in it’s most valiant of efforts to gather the words
needless to say
i do know
this love is not a feeling
meant for mere words

it is not that words have no purpose
they just do not do justice
in the service of my purpose
of my heart here
as i try to express
what is pressing

the best i can do is explain hopefully to you
how the words escape me
when it comes to describing
this feeling
that has me reeling
as i am scribing
. . . words

you see, words
are like a foreign language
when it comes to matters of my heart
and though we part our lips to speak them
don our pens to write them
the words are still yet a bit askew
if only you knew
of what i am trying to say
to you

and it is not just me
i have read the Classics
and the contemporary Poets
and the class acts and expressions
being emoted in their lines
as they attempt to define
this love

their words only gives me a temporary rush
and the best i can do is shush
as Grammy would say
and listen
before i start sounding stupid
but i don’t give a damn

if i were a painter,
i would burn my brush
for it can not capture
the rapture
or the color
or touch this thing that burns
and yearns so badly
deep within me
and for you

you see
shit . . . i love you

i have listened to love songs
and the music of the longing
of love crying out
shouting if you will
to be fulfilled
and they keep on singing
spilling the milk
into their tears
and still who hears
what their hearts speak of

we may call it love
but even that is only a word
and i have heard it just like you
perhaps much too often
but words only serve to soften us
and i must
i must get it in
to that soft place in you
where you hide
where your essence truly resides
where this love i have for you
collides with your every dream
your every wish
and let it be me

yes i want to climb in
to you
and i want to lay next
to you
and do all those love things
to you
and i want to
look into your eyes
and see my heaven
and simply say

Shit . . . i love you

(c) 4 February 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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