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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

sometimes . . .


sometimes we look in
and we say “ i am ok”
and we know that we are lying
we are
with malice
as we are still vying
to find that path
to lead us to our happy, happy lane

sometimes i just don’t understand
as i sometimes listen in
to the myriad of voices
offering choices
and sugeestions
about my direction
pretending to now the answers
to the questions
i have yet to ask

sometimes i go in and sit
in the stillness of my illness
hoping that the light may come on
and illuminate the way
for i am weary
and the teary eyes of my soul
reminds me
that i need another tune up
and my wheels are out of balance
or need rotation
or something

perhaps there are just too many miles
between the smiles
of my youth
and where i am now

my tread is worn
and i dread the scorn
of Self
by Self

they say that Buddha traveled the middle Road
and Christ, He offers to take my load
me, i must let it out
shout it out
write it our
speak it out
before i explode


(c)  15 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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