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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

friend . . .


today it was in my spirit
just as it is any other day
i was consumed with the urge
to sit and exact just what you mean to me

i started to grab my pen and pad
but i elected to use the electronic apparatus instead
my computer
and as i took inventory
and started to compute
about what you mean to me
i became overwhelmed
for there were so many friends
i held consciously in my heart

i then began to search in the depths of my mind
for metaphors
and adjectives
i could express
and give back to you
about all that you do
in the enhancement
of my life
my heart
my thoughts
and my being

there are many who have over the years told us
that friend meant such things as
being there
love and such
but what i cherish the most
my friend
is the touch
the feel of your presence
yes, that is my present
and i am embracing it now
my friend

many of you have faces
that i have never seen
up close an personal
but that is ok
friendship should not be held to such standards anyway

and i sit here searching for that next line
as i try to define
within the confines
of my searching mind
and though i may somewhat express
i must confess
that it is more about the blessing
of how my countenance shines
and my soul sings
of the grandeur of this present
your presence

i know that you know
that we are connected
perhaps that is what friends expose in us
that ability to trust
in our greater selves
you friend touch that special spirit
of who i am
and i am grateful
yes i am thankful
to call you


(c) 29 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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