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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Hands of God

The Hands of God

It was a gorgeous and magnificent day. The Sun was dangling in the sky beaming brightly for all to see. The Mountain stood in all majesty for all to see as well. The Clouds were playing “Hide and Go Seek” and casting the shadows of their countenance across the plains. And, Brother Wind was playing as He always does . . .no particular direction or cause . . . swirling, twirling and spinning about. The Clouds drifted across the Peaks of the Mountains obscuring their view, yet the Mountain never complained, for She knew that the Clouds came to embrace her and plant cool loving moist kisses all about her. She would then share her Gifts with the Valleys below by allowing this water of Spirit to run down Her face to the Streams, Brooks and the Rivers. At times the Clouds would also allow this nurturing life spirit of moisture to visit upon the plains as well. All the Streams, Rivers, Brooks and Plants celebrated this bountiful nurturing life giving gift of Cloud’s and Mountain’s love. The Sun never complained either, for He knew His light. He knew that what ever the playful Wind did to Shadow Him, He was still the Sun and still He shined regardless. The Clouds were happy to dance across the Skies of blue, teasingly making it’s fun in shapes and casting them across the Mother’s Body. Mother did not seem to mind, for she so loved to see the Children of creation Play each day.  She knew that all this was truly a gift from the Hand of Father. As one family they played the whole day long. Even the Trees and Grasses of the Plains got in to the act. They so loved when Brother wind would come to visit. They usually sung songs of life as they whispered and rustled in celebration of his presence. They being a direct descendant of the Mother understood with all due clarity the symbiosis of the Joy each one brought to the Playground of Life. They all loved Brother Sun . . .each day they earnestly reached to embrace His warm glow . . .  it was if they were His ultimate Joy. Why even at night in His absence, they stood, still reaching as if they were anticipating His return. Their Younger Sister Flower also had such a love for the Sun, they would greet him each morn with the fragrance that made the Fairies of the wood dance the song of Magic, speaking of the Fables of Old when all life was exquisitely Quixotic and Blissful. Oh to hold this picture in our Heart is quite a graceful blessing.

At night in lieu of the Brother Sun going off beyond the Horizon to do his Magic Duty and serve some other distant land, He always somehow managed to leave us a reminder of His light Filled Joy upon the Face of the Moon. His distant Cousins from times far away would baby sit us with their star Light. You See, they were Suns as well. Somehow they all worked together in support and Oneness of each other’s cause. Somehow we all knew that was because it was all ordained by the Hand of God. It is all perfect . . .can’t you see it?

(c) September 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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