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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love is my Sovereign Ruler . . .

Love is my Sovereign Ruler . . .

High up in the Heavens on Earth sit the Lords of our lives upon the Thrones of their own makings. No, they are not God, nor are they Gods. They are but Men like you and i. They live in a self Created Delusional existence that tells them they are powerful and righteous in all their undertakings. They need this affirmation with their Money, Possessions and Influence. This is because they live in the world of Shadows, where Fear is their Sunshine. They themselves have an innate fear of Death and consequently feel the dire need to oppress others in the same context.  Some may call it Greed, but it is so much more that that. These “Lords” are their own Tailors, so they are able to outfit their selves in many costumes. They adorn the Suits and Clothing of Politicians, Leaders, Corporate Magnates, Accountants, Lawyers, Judges, Clergy and Religious Leaders. Yes, they put on the Costumes of many. Some even parade as Friends, Family Members, Associates, and at times we too will try on a Suit of two. Any time one seeks dominance over another Souls Path, Direction, Existence or Life, they too are emulating their “God Self” in a maligned manner.

I do realize that we may have a responsibility for our Children and others whom society entrusts our care. But i ask, should that Role be fulfilled by means of our dictatorial sense of order, or should we be seeking to expand the horizons of the future of mankind by way of Love and our natural Creative Essence. For far too many years Society has accepted these Lords and their objectiveness to have us conform for their own sense of right. And now as we are beginning to awaken, these relationships between world outside and World within are beginning to be examined. As we seek a deeper understanding for “Self” we are coming to know of a power that puts aside the things which we were once Blindly Mastered by. We have come to understand the truest form of such things as Tolerance, Understanding and Love. With that being said, these soon to be extinct “Lords” quake in Fear for they know that their illusory Sovereignty is now being washed away by the Seas of “Be”ing and  the Collective Divine Unity of Mankind that is manifesting each day to claim it’s rightful place as the Ruler of all things.
And my friend . . . this Ultimate Power is your and always has been . . . it is Love !

Love is my Sovereign Ruler . . .

Blessed Be

(c) 23 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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