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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Drummer . . . a Story

The Drummer . . . a Story

It was Christmas time again. I sit here and reflect upon the many years that have past. Yes, i have been here before . . .  Christmas. As i ponder upon my past, there is quite a few, abundant even, warm memories . . .you know, the kind that enriches this time of year exponentially. I remember Family, Friends, the Snow and Sleds, the Snowmen and Candy Canes hanging on the Mantle. I remember the Tree decorating, Egg Nog, Fruit Cake  (ughh), Pecans from a Tree i planted some many years at my Grandparents Home in Savannah Georgia. They would always send us a big batch every year at this time. I especially remember the anticipation of the 25th when we would, could hardly sleep. Yes these were very magical times. As i sit and reflect now, i realize just how blessed i and others like myself were, for we have not only “things”, but there was a prevailing spirit of Love and Giving that rang like the Bells of St. Mary’s in the air.

One memory that i now create is of my own choosing. I remember “Little Billy” . . . me. When i was so young, i had a love for the Drums. I would beat them every time i could. I often raised the ire of many people around me and in the neighborhood, for i was trying to keep time with some unknown music that was always with me. Yes, i was a Drummer. At times even when i was not in the company of my Drums, i would use my fingers to tap on what ever was available. Sometimes i was fortunate enough to find two pencils at the same length and employ them as my Drum Sticks. The “New” ones were the best. Ticeronda # 2’s If i did not wish to disturb any one i would use the erasers. I drummed on Tin Cans, Empty Grits , Corn Meal and Oat Meal Boxes . . .  hhhhmmmmm . . . quite Magical when i reflect upon those sacred moments etched in the memories of my youth.

Consequently i realize that my Driven Incessant behavior subsequently pushed my Mother to the edge, so when it was time for me to take up Music in the 6th Grade, my Mother elected for me to play the Clarinet. Yes, i was angry to say the least . . . for many years even. My rebellion to this non autonomous moment in my life was to choose not to excel. Funny thing about life . . .  life is always teaching. In my obstinateness to withhold my gifts, i did however intrinsic as it may be, learn to read music and very subtly gather a deeper appreciation for all music. And now that i look back, i realize the blessing came to me in spite of me, but i still hear that Drum. In my own way i never quit marching to the beat of my own Drum. I have even been given the Gift of understanding of how my Drum works in concordance with the Symphony of Life. Yes, i have my part that i must play . . . as we all do.

In conclusion, i beseech us all to listen to the Music in you life . . . that part being played by each and every Soul. Life, Creation is a Masterful Symphony, and there is a Divine Music, i call Love that is always beckoning each of us to come forth and make our own distinctive contribution to is wonderfully Divine and Sacred Composition. The Conductor is awaiting you.  Drum On !

(c) 23 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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