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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Orgasmic Interlude

Orgasmic Interlude

i am having an Orgasmic Interlude
with my “Self”
oh stop that
it’s not like that
though it may be somewhat masturbatory
it is not about some creamy white liquid running across my hands
once i reach that place of cessation
with a fulfilling elation
this is about my Mental masturbation
where i seek to answer my own
yours too
as i attempt to equate the whys
and i feel unwise at times
but at this very moment it all rhymes
and i am having an Orgasmic Interlude

there used to be times when i got off a little more than this
when i touched that place of temporal bliss
found in Drugs
and i am not just speaking of the pharmaceuticals
Drugs of denial
and of the doctrinals as well
that filled me to the brim
and some mythical concept of  being born in sin
don’t we already have enough self abnegation and hatred
and as i lay here on my bed
immersed in confusion
about the allusion
contemplating my worth
on this earth
i am furiously glorious
watch my shine
yes i am fine
they say if i stay in line
line ?
fuck you too
i have my own line that i walk, shit
and listen to me as i talk it
and i live it
and i give it

over and over again
and with convexment
and my spiritual anorexments
and it hurts when you have to regurgitate
all that foul mess we have been fed
over the years
and through the tears
and fears
just like red meat, it did not digest
though we continue to ingest
this mess
i must confess
i was so tired of that shit
i could no longer stomach it
so i gathered my witful grit
my true grit
and i grasped my two handful of Balls
no, not basketballs
gonads you know what i mean
the ones we have not seen
for quite a while
for we did not have the courage to stand
for something
and i come to you pouring out my soul
all of it
that i may replenish it with wholesome-ness
and replace all that mess
i have accumulated
since my youth
the illusional delusional non truth
that bears no fruit

so this is the way i figure it
if we all just let go of the shit
we been holding on to for too long
there is a song playing
calling you
calling me
to effect a change
that starts within
and if we all just do “me” you see
the numbers will gradually
add up
and some day we will all have a full cup
and together we can sup
and think
without clouds of doubts
and fears
and replace all the tears of aguish
with joy and smiles
and create new styles
of how to love each other
and love our self

yes i like you, like we all
did not answer the call
and yet now many of us continually weep
in our sleep
dreaming a nightmare about a better life
a better way
for tomorrow . . .
can’t change the past you know
hold on and it will last you know
you know the sorrow
that will be waiting for you tomorrow

and the horror
of having to face the illusion you embraced
about how you have failed
another delusion we create
for there are no failures
just lessons . . .
this is what i teach my children
for i wish not upon them my path
nor my journey
i want them to believe
that what they conceive
they can achieve
for they have the power to do so
if they get into the flow
and live, you know
what i am talking about

forget the remnant of grief you hold to
it is no good for you
for in truth, you are on that ship
and it ain’t no good ship lollipop
we have been on board since birth
and the ship is sailing
the ship of your life
all you have to do is awaken
and realize your power,
not an hour later
but right NOW !

come on dude
let us have an Orgasmic Interlude
of Truth . . . Here . . . Now !

(c) 4 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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