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Friday, November 9, 2012

the seeker of word

the seeker of word

i have searched for the word
that i can write
that would change the world
help us herald
in a new day
a new way
where we can uninhibitedly play
at life

i perspicaciously examine the path i walk
hoping to find “that” blossoming flower
of this consciousness i seek
along the way

the colors of course
on this course
are enchanting enough
and many a time i have stopped
and tarried perhaps a bit longer than i should have

but that is ok
for i took with me
the memories
the smiles
and surely
or should i say “hopefully”
the lesson

i have seen your smiles
and your bent wrinkled brows
as you too sought to understand me
and i you
and we ourselves

and the insightful little elves
who danced in and out of our awareness
spawned us to care less
or more
as they opened  gates
and doors
to news visas
and arenas
we never knew before

over all, things come
when i surmise
and examine
the things that i seek
and that which leaks
from my mouth
before i engage my mind
or moderate

let me disengage my rage
my angst
and speak beautiful
in to life again
and again
until beauty becomes us
becomes a habit
a rite
a rote

and this is the note
i write to my self
when i realize
and open my eyes
as i surmise
that i am but
a seeker of that word


© 9 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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