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Friday, November 9, 2012

the Icarus Syndrome

the Icarus Syndrome

Icarus, my brother
has never met Ra before
it was not a reachable vestige
of his memory
so . . .
he vied
he tried
and he died
so they say

waxed wings melting
smelting in the light
of the Sun
the Son
or the Father

our own wing’s compositions
does give way
and begin to fray
at the edges
when the fledging ones
amongst us
trust in the variables
we do not understand

blind faith is it
let us visit
this convincible principle
that we are invincible
as we see our selves

who was it that looked in that mirror
and saw a monster
was it Sleeping Beauty’s step mother
who stepped in other worlds
of make believe
only to assist in the conceiving
of her demise
all because of what
she thought she saw
with her eyes

in our driven-ness
our self praised erections
the detections of truth evades us
i trust
or should i just
not trust at all

remember how Icarus did fall
suddenly i would think
having to drink
his own cup of pride
for on the other side
he could not hide
from his vanity

insanity . . . perhaps
but my chaps
this what it is

the Icarus syndrome
no room for drones

© 0 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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the Icarus Syndrome

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