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Saturday, November 10, 2012

pass through the Gate . . .come

pass through the Gate . . .come

there is a Bow Tied Ribbon
adorning the old gate

it has been tied eloquently
by the delicate hands
of Promise
we are expected

the Tree in the Garden
is bearing a sweet fruit
that the table may be set
and we will sit and dine
once again on a consuming meal
of divine knowledge

the Cherubim who once stood guard
with Sword aflame
has been given leave
for Source now says
we are coming about
to embrace our own truths

we are now capable
of being endowed
with this new trust
as we let old things go

the bindings of our hearts
have been cut, severed
and a softness now encapsulates
what was once hardened
by our ignorance
and misplaced distasteful arrogance

Eternity is dancing with glee
she and her sisters
are dressed for the occasion
with lace and beguiling persuasion
for all doubting souls

the brooks are babbling with joy
feeding the fountains
that lie and wait for us
at the base of our mountains
of expectations
yes it is all true
Eden is waiting for you
to come

let us quench each souls thirst
become inebriated
with a lust for love

our loin cloths
our Fig Leafs
shall be abandoned
for we no longer are ashamed
of our purity
our nakedness
and with an surety that i am
i will stand noble
as the acuity of my 3rd eye
has me
facing the winds of perdition
for i now know
that my Amber-ish Indgo glow
is of a pure light

let us celebrate
the awakening of the Sun
as he-i-u smiles upon us all
while stretching his embrace
from East to West
while kissing our faces
and all the places
within and without
that it has never shined upon before
in this journey

there are no more horizons
to be gathered
nor wished upon
nor mused for
for all dreams
become as we wish
as we are

Fear has uncloaked it’s self
to reveal he and Doubt
were but minions to purpose
giving unto the service
of the ascension
from this dimension
to the next

it was inevitable
can’t you see
that all things work
for the glory of “BE”
so “BE”

be en-joyed
that you may shine
as the Sun-ed One
and we all will see
your glory as well
for you reflect me
and i you

so let us join hearts
join hands
join visions and dreams
it is not as it seems

let us dance
down the path
to actualization
and pass through the Gate . . .come


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