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Thursday, November 8, 2012

my desire this day

my desire this day

my desire this day
is to write of beautiful things

i take my quill
and i sharpen it’s point
that i may puncture to the core
the heart that my Father
gave unto me
for i wish
to embed my expectations
in my love
that my evocations
shall be none the less

in this test we all face
to grow a fruit
that with the sweetest taste
we are challenged
to let go
of the world

be in it
but not of it
was what was told
to us
in a sacred trust
that we were listening
paying attention
as opposed to
honorable mention
to things
and the ways of man

here i stand this day
swaying in the winds of time
searching for my swag
my rhyme
a rag
that i may clean
my chalkboard
that i may glean this hull
empty my skull
of these voices
that offer choices
that all lead to  a certainty
of no life
where the rife of anguish
is the language spoken

i take up in my hand
tokens of grandness
as reflected in my dreams

it seems that in some realm
this is all too real
and i stand at the helm
of my Destinious Seas
this is where i be

where the Sun meets me
and i am the wish
the horizon
the bliss
i always sought
when i kissed
life’s lips

my consciousness drips
with seeds of actualization
and in my examinations
i reflect upon creation
and i see my self as one
for just for fun
i shall pretend in the portend
that it is i
who am the creator
in this theater
where we seek to amend our ways
back to the days
of our sovereignty
oh my, oh me
what shall become us
if we continue to trust
in that which has not form
and has become our illusory norm

i shall shatter the glass
tell the 3 D denseness
to kiss my ass
for i am conducting a new class
where i shall be un-indoctrinated
from the crass-ness
the mess
we have allowed
in our un-avowed walking
upon the path
we have chosen to travel

and the weaver of this fabric
was not too bright
for the threads are not tight
and they begin to unravel
while we desperately
attempt to hold on to
loose ends

but today
i shall cast these things aside
extract them from within
my inside
and i shall abide in a peace
that is without cease

for i have my quill
filled with a will
to be of love
and i shall not let naught else
occupy me
and my vanity
nor my reason
in any season to come

this is . . .
my desire this day

© 8 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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