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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

but no one never told me

but no one never told me

i remember being a little boy
and observing life about me
no one ever told me
that as one becomes older
the people about you
would die

sure, i saw funerals
we all did
but that was different

no one told me about
the grief that goes along
when a loved one’s song
was over

since those days
friends, i’ve lost a few
more than i can remember

loved ones . . .
i’ve lost my Mother
my Wife
but i have been fortunate
in life
i guess
for i have not lost a child
nor any of my siblings

my Aunts . . .  lost most of them
Uncles the same
just two left whom i can name

a few cousins
have been sprinkled in the mix
and i miss them
but more importantly
i remember them
and the childhood times we shared
when we dared life
in so many ways

no one ever told me
about the pain
how to go about
getting over it

i have been to more funerals
that i care to remember
seen more people die
whom i can’t remember
and damn
here i am
in the September of my life
and truth is
i still have no idea
about what death is
or has in store for me

but i do know about life
and the strife
that death leaves in it’s wake

but no one never told me

so today
i hug my memories

© 5 November 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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