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Monday, November 19, 2012

Light Bender

Light Bender

i am not awestruck
at your ability
to bend the Light

Teachers, Preachers
and Dogma Creatures
have done that for years
regardless of the tears
we have shed
as we faced our fears
and that which was added unto us
a few cubits of shush
and slush
that only validated
their falsities
creating for us
new realities
to believe in

but that which is
in valid
with its in-valid-ic foundation
can not stand
do you understand

so tell me Light Bender
are you like a ’61 Cadillac Fender
you ask us to give
that we may live
in your conjured heaven
where the bread is unleavened
and nothing else rises as well

do tell
where is this hell you spoke of
save but within me
for your anadicrotic musings
evades my autocracy
and that can not be

and this plutocracy
you call a democracy
with only a select few at the helm
has failed the people
yet the Bells in the steeple
still ring
for we are waiting
for a pleurolithic epiphany
to save us

preach to me preacher
teach me teacher
how to save my self
for that which you promised
has tarried a bit too long
even with Faith

the people are hungry . . . NOW !

you feed us more
technocratic poisons
for our souls
as we amend
unto the new slavocracy

pragmatically speaking
i have never seen a good “cratic”
save a pantisocracy
yet oh Light Bender
you defend your way
as “THE WAY”

no, i am not awestruck
by your Lightening
nor is it frightening
any more
for there are new doors being opened
to a consciousness
beyond understanding
for the Soul of us Common Man
has been demanding it
and shit
like always
the Universe Answered

Oh Light Bender
Bend that Light

© 18 November 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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