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Sunday, November 18, 2012

it’s all in your hands

it’s all in your hands

i will no longer cower in shadows
seeking to vainly hide
from the world about me
the world i have created

i shall seek out
the reflective pools of my consciousness
that i may see the wonder of my being
for i am a creator
of my own destiny
my attitude
and my
it is all elective
is it not

through out the ages
we have forgotten
that garden
from whence we were spawned

was not my maker “prefect”
the Prefect of all that is beautiful

as i have far too long tarried
looking through what i once thought
Rose Colored Glasses
only to see they too
were defective
but did serve the purpose
a service unto my Soul’s truth

we all know there is more
open the door for me
for you
will you

i have unshackled my mind
defragmented my scattered thought
i am focused
no longer blinded
by the light of falsities
i am the cause
where i once was the casualty

i am awakening
forgiving my own forsaking
of the beauty that i am
you are
we are

and by far
i have yet to re-discover
or uncover
the whole of it all

the calling came
i at one time did not listen
the Stars were glistening
for that reckoning
i / we now embrace
that which we must indeed face

can you taste the sweet promise of it

i am dancing in the light these days
as i have discovered the old ways
of my youth

the Sooth Sayers spoke of this
this bliss
when we / you / i
learn to kiss our selves again

come my brother . . .my friend
let the procession begin
come out of the shadows
for time is waiting
on you
it’s all in your hands

© 18 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.


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