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Sunday, November 11, 2012

and they called it Sin

and they called it Sin

we have cloaked ourselves in shadows
for there were Demons amongst us
who hunted us by the “sign” of our glow
for we resonated in the “know”
that we were born to be great

the clarion call has been sounded
the trumpet of Gabriel is no long silent
many hearts do hear

this is not another false alarm
and we are not to be charmed
by those who speak with forked tongues
there is but one choice

our voices must be heard
we must speak that word
that actualizes
the rising of our Chi

we can no longer vilify our selves
nor deify our vanities
let the insanity of past megalomania
be loosed
and the illusion will be no more

the Carpenter is removing the Door
from it’s hinges
they have almost rusted anyway
because of our anguished tears of remorse
and of course
naming and blaming the source
never did reconcile anything
vile or not

we are now remembering
what we thought we forgot
but always knew that we knew

yes, somewhere inside of you
truth still lived

and now it is time
to stand before Life’s Holy Altar
naked and unabashed
for the ship we once sailed
has crashed
at the bottom of the Sea of Forgiveness
and shall never ever be resurrected again
so forget the past
and it’s iconoclastic remnants
of false valor
for false is what it was
an errant implausible cause
we could not win

and they called it Sin

© 10 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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